Chicken Smash Burger

14 de September de 2023by Roost Chicken

Roost Chicken joins the Smash Burger craze.

The “First Madrid Chicken Smash” is the latest novelty we have launched with the intention of continuing to revolutionize the fried chicken niche in the market, only now with an exclusive grilled version. At Roost Chicken we have decided to join the smash trend, becoming pioneers in offering a unique burger in the market.

The idea of the Smash Chicken was born from the intention of testing the market within this new concept. The launch of this burger as a seasonal dish has been a total success! It has gone from being a temporary dish to starring in Roost Chicken’s menu and being one of the restaurant’s best-selling burgers, generating an alternative value proposition within the world of hamburgers.

Each dish is carefully studied to generate a visual impact with a unique and original flavor, using fresh and quality ingredients, so that chicken lovers have a favorite place to have a great time.

And also, to invite meat lovers to try this attractive proposal that is hard to resist in our menu.

Every day we discover that there are more and more fried chicken lovers, which is an important driver for us and the development of our brand. Undoubtedly, we will continue to innovate within the fried chicken niche to revolutionize it, give it a 360º turn and become the first chain to take fried chicken to another level.

Obvio Pollooo!

by Roost Chicken

Roost Chicken es sinónimo de sabor, calidad y pasión por la comida. ¡Te esperamos en Madrid y Barcelona para ofrecerte una experiencia única de pollo frito!

Prueba las mejores hamburguesas de pollo frito de Madrid y descubre los platos creativos de Roost Chicken hechos especialmente para los amantes del pollo frito.  ¡Viaja a Estados Unidos sin salir de Madrid!


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