Authentic Chicken Waffles

14 de September de 2023by Roost Chicken

Roost Chicken It is always a good time to share and live an experience of flavors around the table, so in Roost Chicken in addition to our traditional fried chicken, we strive to expand the menu with a very original fusion being the case of our Chicken Waffles that will undoubtedly tempt any palate.

This novelty promises to surprise diners in Madrid and Barcelona, who can already enjoy this extravagant combination of Afro-American origin that today is positioned in the Spanish market with fresh, local products.

The gastronomic proposal of Roost Chicken does not go unnoticed since the elaboration of the Chicken Waffles preserves an authentic mixture of the sweet, salty and crunchy sensation of fried chicken and the sweetness of the Waffle glazed with honey, accompanied by the secret touch of our spices.

In Roost Chicken the fusion of flavors in each bite has no limits, so you have an open menu to live a very Roost, very Chicken! experience from the moment you place your order until your encounter with the fried chicken of Spain.

The dedication in the preparation of our Chicken Waffles allows us to raise our standard more and more to position ourselves as the creators of the best and most authentic waffles in Spain, not only for the taste, but also to please our customers with a friendly attention in a comfortable environment that they can enjoy when tasting their waffles in Madrid or their waffles in Barcelona, depending on the choice.

Undoubtedly, at Roost Chicken we are taking on a new culinary adventure to conquer more palates. For your convenience, you can order Chicken Waffles through our home delivery service, order it and pick it up in minutes or if you prefer to visit our facilities, remember to reserve your table.

Remember that you can find us in Madrid and Barcelona.

Obvious Chicken Waffles!

by Roost Chicken

Roost Chicken es sinónimo de sabor, calidad y pasión por la comida. ¡Te esperamos en Madrid y Barcelona para ofrecerte una experiencia única de pollo frito!

Prueba las mejores hamburguesas de pollo frito de Madrid y descubre los platos creativos de Roost Chicken hechos especialmente para los amantes del pollo frito.  ¡Viaja a Estados Unidos sin salir de Madrid!


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